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Protection and cover available in our policies

Although even our most competitive insurance policies come with a generous level of cover, it's possible to include even more levels of cover in your tailored policy. Below are some of the main areas of standard and optional cover, that can be included in your policy.

Touring caravans

Continental cover

Just as the name suggests this type of cover will ensure that your insurance is still valid whilst you explore the European continent. Many insurers will only protect you for 90 days on the continent, however with a touring caravan insurance policy from Insure my Caravan you can be covered for up to 365 days.

But why pay for what you won't use, with you can simply exclude continental cover from your policy, and reduce your premium.

Emergency removal

Suffering an accident whilst towing your caravan is traumatic enough without having to deal with the recovery aspects. You can protect against this with emergency removal available. Also should the worst happen we would collect and re-deliver your vehicle right to your front door, eliminating any of the hassle caused by a dramatic accident.

Loss of use

If your touring caravan becomes damaged or stolen we will either hire another caravan, or pay for alternative accommodation to make sure you stay safe and warm. You can claim up to £75 per day for a period of fourteen days for alternative accommodation making sure that your caravan is well on the way to recovery before your holiday's cut short.

Public liability

As standard. With up to £2 million of cover you can be confident that you're legally protected whatever happens to you on your journeys across British roadways, or depending on your cover on the continent too.

Static caravans

New for old protection

New for old means that if your caravan is, for example, 5 years old. If your caravan was a complete write-off you'd be compensated the value of the caravan when it was new. Essentially enough to buy a new equivalent model. This type of protection is usually used for new or expensive caravans.

Loss of keys cover

For static caravans. The stress of having your keys stolen can ruin a holiday, or add trauma to an adventure. If you should become the victim of crime, which includes the loss of your keys, your locks will be replaced. Loss of keys cover has unlimited cover.

Accidental damage

Insure my Caravan can present a widespread range of static caravan insurance policies covering accidental damage, so should lightening strike or a falling tree land on your static caravan you can have piece of mind that you're covered. To protect against damage to your contents, we can provide accidental damage cover. This includes audio, video, TV and computer equipment to completely cover of your holiday entertainment arsenal.

Additional cover

In your policy you have the option to include, additional contents cover, for furniture, televisions etc. awning cover for free standing or attached awnings. Whilst additional equipment cover allows you to cover any water tanks, steps, gas bottles and other standard caravanning equipment.

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