Which caravan security devices are worth installing?

by Adrian Waters

There's a huge range of different security devices on the market. Which ones are right for you depends on the type of caravan and the way you use it. But many of them will also reduce your caravan insurance premium - which ones are on the lists that will get you a discount?


Trackers use GPS so that your caravan can be tracked if it's stolen. They have revolutionised the recovery of all sorts of stolen vehicles, not just caravans, and with thefts of static caravans on the rise, they aren't just useful for tourers.

On our quote system we currently list these systems:

  • Target system
  • Tracker Monitor
  • Metis GPS Alert
  • Proactive system
  • Hal Locate tracker
  • Suretrak tracking device
  • Phantom target tracker
  • Electronic tracking device
  • Phantom Pro-Active Tracker
  • Thatcham Approved Q Tracker Unit
  • RAC Trackstar Pro-active tracker
  • Car and Van Protect Pro-Active Tracker

There are new systems constantly coming to this market, so if a tracker you've bought isn't on the list, it's worth getting in touch by email or phone to see if the discount is applicable. Also bear in mind that we compare quotes across over 200 caravan insurance policies, so a system might attract a discount from one policy but not another.

Preventing a caravan from being moved

Anything that makes a caravan harder to shift comes into this category. Many of them aren't going to be suitable for park homes or static caravans though.

They range from posts to secure your caravan to wheel and hitchlocks. These are the items currently tied into our quote system:

  • Hitch post
  • Supermule
  • SmartWater Security Systems
  • Microtag security marking
  • 'Stop theft' tagging kit
  • Wheelclamp and hitchlock
  • Hitchlock with a tamper device (see below)

If you already have a device on the list, or are thinking of getting one, you can see the difference in premium prices by selecting the device, getting your quotes, then de-selecting it and getting the quotes again.

The popularity of hitchlocks comes from their effectiveness in preventing caravans from being towed away. These are the hitchlocks currently in the selection on our quote system:

  • AL-KO Chassis Secure Compact Wheel lock
  • SAS Gridlock
  • Bulldog - MAX
  • Full Stop Excalibur by Towsure
  • SAS Wheel Lock Diamond

Once again, should you have a hitchlock that isn't listed here it's worth calling or emailling us as we may well be aware of it. If not we can check with our insurance companies to see if it is still eligible for a discount.

Anti-theft alarms

Alarms definitely bring down caravan insurance premiums, but whether or not they prevent theft is another matter. It depends if people around the caravan will hear them, or take notice. They are definitely of interest to static caravan and park home owners, particularly on sites with a permanent on-site presence.

At the moment our quote system recognises generic alarm systems, factory fitted systems using tilt & movement sensors and PIRs, and any "Sold Secure" alarm. These will attract discounts on the price of your premium although it can depend on the insurance company or policy you select after you've been presented with your compared quotes.

You can of course try your quotes both with and without different alarm system selections to find out what differences they make.


We finish on Thiefbeaters - a very different system, although it does share a few features with SmartWater - a system that's on one of our lists above.

An ThiefBeaters ID code, invisible and unique to you, is put on your caravan and equipment in as many as sixty different locations, so it's impossible to completely remove all traces of it. If your caravan or some equipment should then be stolen, it's easy to identify it as yours and have it returned.

Stay secure and safe

The point of all these security devices is, of course, too keep you and your possessions safe and sound. Saving money on caravan insurance premiums is a side effect but it's worth installing measures that will work for you as well saving money.

It's vital to assess the most likely causes of threats to the security of your caravan, whether it's a static, tourer or park home, then install the security devices that fit those threats. For example, if you keep a tourer on your drive then wheel locks and locking posts could be more effective than just installing an alarm.

Whatever you choose, we sincerely hope that none of our customers ever have to rely on these security products.

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